May 25, 2018  
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Cadiz juts out into the sea on a narrow Peninsular condensing the city into a maze of charming meandering streets opening up into small Plazas and gardens.

Over the Centuries it had been colonised by the Phoenician in 1100bc who named it Gadir, the Cathaginians ran things for a while, next the Visigoths and Moors, then in 206BC the Romans moved in and much later the Earl of Essex plunder the city in 1596 and Francis Drake managed to gain control using it as a stepping stone to trade in the New World. It’s been fought over, argued over and exchanged hands by invading colonises on numerous occasions.

As each civilization came and went their culture created an architectural legacy that can found in Cadiz today. The golden cupola of the cathedral that dominates the sky line has a Moorish look and feel to it, the remains of the 18th Century City walls a reminder that the Romans were here and there are there are numerous examples of Baroque architecture such as the churches of Santa Cruz and San Felipe Neri.

With centuries of this heady mix of colonizing societies and because it not a big city you will find Cadiz a warm welcoming city. The twisting meandering maze of streets lined with white washed buildings are intriguing as they are picturesque and as you wander through Cadiz’s old town the buzz of the street life and cafés mixes enticingly with the smell of freshly cooked fish wafting through the warm sea air you will be drawn into this delightful historical seafaring city.

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