May 25, 2018  
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It’s difficult to sum up Seville, Sevilla, in just a few paragraphs. It’s a city that is both intriguing as it is bewildering. The Sevillians are enthusiastic and passionate about their history and culture that dates back to before the Romans in 40BC.  This vibrant city is enthralling and exhausting in equal measures your senses are bombarded day or night by street noise, the heat, the smell of cafe cooking and the stunning architecture influenced by centuries of invading and colonising Phoenicians, Romans, and Moors.

Seville sits on the edge of the river Guadalquivir, this one time trading artery snaking its way through the city, provided much of the cities early wealth with goods and trade arriving from the Americas. There isn’t a street in the old part of Seville that doesn’t offer a meal, Tapas, coffee with a glass of sherry or a Flamenco show and the constant buzz around you is infectious and enticing.

The three buildings that are the ‘must sees’ in Seville are the Giralda, Cathedral of Seville and the Real Alcazar. The Giralda is the bell tower for the Cathedral of Seville and stands at 96m high it offers some stunning views of the city and has become an historical symbol for Seville. The Cathedral of Seville is one of the largest churches in the world its central nave stands at 40m and has some wonderful examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture. The Real Alcazar is an official Royal Palace in Spain, originally a Moorish fort but over the Centuries it has gone through several reconstructions and when the Royal family pay a visit to the Palace then the Alcazar is shut to visitors.   

If you are travelling in March and April then watch out for Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril, April Fair, two big festivals that bring the city to almost a standstill with processions, markets and street parties.

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